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Rules and Team Information
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Joined: 14th Nov 2013
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15th Nov 2013


   Lets start with ground rules! I like point systems, so you have 3 points. If you break a major rule that can result in a perm. ban. If you break a minor rule that takes 2 points away. If you break a normal rule that is 1 point.

Major Rules:
Racism = Ban
Bullying = Ban (I hate the word Bullying so don't let me catch you preforming it)
Double Claning = Ban (For all I know you could be stealing Intel (don't do it))

Minor Rules:
Cheating = 2 Points (Aimbots, AutoClickers etc.)
Pissing off Leaders/Co-Leaders = 2 Points

Normal Rules:
Extensive Cursing = 1 Point (Please don't drop a f-bomb every other word)
Spamming = 1 Point (Anywhere)

Just use common sense and be respectful, Please!


   There are 5 Ranks:
  • Leader
  • Co-Leaders
  • Elite Members
  • Members
  • Noobs

   When you first join you are automatically a Noob, you must then Apply and get accepted to become a Member. To become a Elite Member you have to either be on a Pro Team or have provided greatly to the clan. To be a Co-Leader you have to show devotion and serve your time, then you may be promoted.


    To be apart of any of the teams you must prove your worthy of the position and fill the requirements. Each Team has its own requirements depending on the game.

Thank you for reading all this!

~Stay Leafy

Forum » Applying » Application Rules and Information
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